About MapRecruit

MapRecruit is a multi-module recruitment automation platform. We are passionate about moving recruiting process from “an art to science”; we automate recruitment processes that don’t require human intervention; our Recruitment Process Automation platform creates a seamless workflow aligning with your recruitment process.

Summary of Services

Source, Match, Engage, and Qualify AI software. Maprecruit is output-based platform generating: 70% recruiter efficiency gain 10X screening efficiency gain 50% reduction in talent acquisition cost 52% success rate of enriching 1 year old profiles

What makes us special

* Comprehensive Knowledge Graph continually grows using Machine Learning, maintains the Ontology of relevant entities within 20+ HR domains, from 200+ Corpus of data * Parser accuracy is unparalleled, benchmarked against leading competitors and it continually learns from users * Perfected our AI powered Search & Match solution where candidates are stack ranked for recruiter efficiency using a Match Ranking Index (MRI) * Debiased, Transparent, Explainable AI that has been validated and crosswalked with many established standards * Insights driven, automated Talent Engagement Platform with Conversation AI Chatbot removes the tedious tasks of Screening, Scheduling, and Interviewing * Predictive analytics including Supply-Demand Intelligence for automated talent pipelining or nurture campaigns

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100+ customers, 20+ countries, 30+ languages, 80M+ resumes parsed, 1M+ interviews.


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  • EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Asia)
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This company is in the business of talent technology and is located in the United States.

Founder Shivaji Mukthavaram
Company Type Private
CEO or President Swamy Sriperumbudur